Need something cleared up? Here are our most frequently asked questions.
What is Altooro?
  1. AI-based assessment and prediction platform that automates resource-intensive aspects of evaluation, recruiting, and training
  2. We want to enable you better analyze one’s professional potential
What use cases does Altooro tackle?
  1. Hiring: assessing new candidates
  2. Onboarding new employees at your company
  3. Upskilling and training existing employees at your company
To whom is Altooro designed?

Whether you are a large enterprise or a growing startup, you can enjoy the benefits of Altooro.

Is there a basic free package?

As of now, you can access our time-limited free package and enjoy trying our basic features

What is a journey?

As an admin user, you will be able to create an assessment journey - which can contain: coding and technical challenges, Multi-Choice-Questions, Video-recorded questions, and many more. You can build and tailor these mixes to your own needs.

Can I add or upload my questions?

Sure, in addition to having access to our library of questions, you will be able to upload and add your questions as well

What is the AI-based question generator feature?

One of our unique features is enabling you to instantly generate hundreds of new questions based on your preference of Coding language/framework, difficulty and topic

What is special about Altooro?
  1. Unique insights.
  2. An end-to-end automated platform that will cut time and costs for you from day one.
  3. Rapidly create customized assessment journeys with any mixture of challenges and sections.
How much time does Altooro help me cut?
  1. Based on our research, we estimate that every manager can cut around 30% of their existing work when calculating these aspects of hiring, assessing, evaluating, and training.
  2. On a company level, we believe that Altooro can free up hundreds of hours per month for medium-sized teams of admin members and technical leaders.
Why Altooro?
  1. The immediate career background of Altooro’s team is scouting and training thousands of talents. From this hands-on experience, the team has learned:
  2. Not all people have the same natural capabilities or aptitudes.
  3. Not all people learn at the same rate: they need a development path tailored to their capabilities (and drive); they need “challenges” tailored to their development stage.
  4. There are talents, superstars, best-average, creative people, and many other “hidden gems” out there that are uniquely different.
  5. Some peoples’ capabilities are better suited to specific applications - and this can be anticipated from their development path and their pace on it.
  6. People’s performance on challenges is granular: their individual paths to the solution contain precious information beyond the measures of a pass/fail outcome and the time required.
  7. In tech challenges, which can be fully automated, much of code training can be automated and done so in a way that allows individual coders to manage the pace of their learning, training, and assessment. This frees managers to focus their own scarce time on “exceptions” and “bottlenecks” for intervention and guidance.
How is Altooro different from other tools that enable you to assess the technical skill set?

Instead of just focusing on the end result of who solved the problem correctly, we took a different approach in which we analyze the whole process of someone solving a problem; thus focusing on the approach and the actual solving aspects in addition to the end result of having the right solution.

How does Altooro’s approach help me as a client?

In addition to cutting costs and valuable time, we enable you to work much more effectively and efficiently by reducing the false positives and false negatives. We help you see the potential of the candidates and better understand their capabilities beyond what you know.

Can I use Altooro for high volumes of candidates?

Sure thing! Our scalable architecture is built in a way that will enable you to do that easily.

How can I invite new users to the journey?
  1. You can share an invitation link; publicly/privately.
  2. You can invite them by sending them a uniquely generated invitation link for your selected journey.
  3. You can generate a public code and send it to relevant people so that they can join the journey.
  4. You can invite a group of people via the “bulk invite”
Is it possible to have scheduled questions?

Sure, you can allow others to solve questions only on a specific date and time - while also doing so based on certain criteria which you choose to have.

How can I use Altooro’s APIs?

Please reach out to us at so we can learn more about your requirements.

What else is special about Altooro?
  1. One great advantage of Altooro’s granularity is that it will identify not only capable “average” developers, but will identify and categorize outliers with particular, distinctive capabilities that you might be seeking for certain applications.
  2. At a feature level, Altooro offers a suite of never-before-seen automation and generation tools that we believe will free up hundreds of hours per month of company time.
What about the end-user perspective?

For us, the platform should be centered around the candidate, therefore, we provide deep insights for the end-user as well so they can learn and benefit from using the platform even when they use it for the interviewing process, onboarding, or even when they train for new skills.

What is the video-recorded feature?
  1. Once adding this component to your assessment journey, you add a question and let your participants/users/candidates answer these via a recorded video at their own convenience.
  2. This feature will enable your participants/users/candidates to express their true personality, experience, and qualifications, and lets managers know the person behind the resume.
  3. This feature can be adjusted according to your limitations (number of takes, time to answer, etc)
Is it possible to get a 'white-labeled' version of the platform?

Sure thing. Please reach out to for more information.